• We offer 40 minutes lessons in person or via zoom
  • We adapt to your child’s learning style, interest, and age.
  • The courses are fun and engaging classes filled with games and multi-sensory activities like videos, audio, and visuals to maximize learning abilities.





For introductory students, we have a special theme program which involves songs, worksheets, and games. Our most important goal is to inspire a lifelong interest in the Spanish language, the desire to learn and to do it all while having fun.

-We also offer support with Spanish projects and homework from school.



For bilingual students, we promote proficiency by focusing on vocabulary exercises, creating dialogues, and centering the lessons around their personal interest, through  learning songs, reading about animals and other subjects in Spanish. We also encourage them to write reports on their different learning experiences. 



How it works

The most important is that your child is motivated to learn a new language

Let’s set up a Spanish level assessment, so we can get to know each other   so then we can develop a curriculum  

Choose a day and time on a weekly basis, We match you with a teacher and set up the first class

It is important to us that your child is motivated and engaged in the classes, so we ask you to communicate with them after their first class to evaluate whether they enjoyed the class and their teacher.

Pricing: $45/class

$45 When you buy a single class, New students can buy a small package of 5 lessons at $200, then we recommend you purchase a package of 10 lessons at the discounted rate of $400.



We accept payments via Venmo, PayPal and cash.