Online courses

At Easy Spanish para ti, we are offer private online lessons for kids, teenagers, and adults 


How it works

Let us know your availability

Sign up for a spanish level assesment (optional)

We match you with a teacher and set up the first class

You can buy a single class and after the 1st class, talk to your child to see if they liked the class and the teacher. It is important that they have the motivation to learn.

We can make the assessment to see your child level of Spanish (optional)


For beginner students we have a special program to study by themes, this method is based on songs, worksheets, and games.The most important is to cultivate an interest in the Spanish language and to motivate them to learn while having fun. We are also helping with their Spanish project and homework from School


For bilinguals students, we can read about animals or anything that they are interested in and then write a report based on what they learned. We also work with dialogues, vocabulary exercises, and songs. It is relevant that they don’t lose their Spanish practices.

Great Teachers

Our teachers are native speakers and they know how to work with kids.

You just need a computer, internet, Skype or Zoom and sometimes a printer

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