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 Our Course Offerings

Private lessons

For kids, Teenagers, and Adults

 The customized lesson for you to learn at your own pace, we can get you ready for your next trip with the specific vocabulary of the country. Specific terminology according to the profession. For kids and teenagers, help with Spanish homework, test reparation, and AP Spanish.

$55, 1-hour class

10 lessons $500

Corporate Spanish Lessons

Conversational- Specific terminology

If your organization has a need for Spanish speaking employees we can help. We have a number of options for educating your staff including onsite Spanish courses, online and a mix of the two.

We can meet at  your company’s location.

Online One-On-One Courses

Online self paced

This option is for people not located in the San Francisco bay area that would like a self paced option. We have a variety of package options available here based on the number of hours you want to purchase at a time.

Group Courses

Beginner, intermediate, advanced

Interactive and conversational lessons. First, get your assessment and we will place you on a group. You can take catch up with individual lessons to be able to join a group.

Self-made groups are welcome.

1,  1 hour and a half lesson $45

10 lessons $400

Language Certificates

Get your Spanish speaking ceritificate today.

Online Studies

Our program is designed to work around your sechedule.

Customized Lessons

According to age and profession.


1900 Powell St Floor 7, Emeryville, CA 94608

Hours Of Operation

9:00 am – 7:00 pm, Mon-Fri



Why Learn With Us?


Unique teaching system.

We have customized lesson according to age and profession. Also is not all about grammar, you will learn about culture and how to communicate with Spanish speakers.


Special Events

To have more fun with learning, we have special events, field trips and Spanish movie nights.


Located in the San Francisco Bay Area

Our main office is located in Emeryville, but we have access to conference rooms all over the Bay area, especially for self-formed groups.


World Class Educators

We have certified native speaker teachers that can work with kids, teens and adults. All levels are welcome.

Me gusta Easy Spanish Para Ti! The teachers here made it really easy for me to learn Spanish around my schedule with in person and online class flexibility. I was well prepared for my move to Chile. Gracias para todo!

Jaclyn Hawtin

The teacher spent time understanding my skill level and has made learning fun and challenging. I feel like every class is a giant step forward. I have worked with Stephanie in both private and group classes. Her groups are well designed because they are made up of folks at similar Skill levels. I also learn easily with Stephanie's multi-dimensional teaching style. She uses a range of teaching methods including music and graphics to keep us all engaged. Her private classes are outstanding. Stephanie understands how each of us learn best. She moves forward at my speed, never sweats the small mistakes and helps me with with my tendency toward visual learning. Gracias Stephanie por todo!


I am so lucky to have found you guys. I needed a Spanish intensive and fast, after 3 months of 4 classes per week I was well prepared for my job in Spain.

Samantha Bradley

Wondering What Level You Should Start At?

Don’t worry take our free 30 minute assessment to see what level you should start studying.


Attending Our School

Applying Online or by email

Spanish School in Chile

Escape the Winter and enjoy the Chilean summer (January- February) Study in the morning, explore in the afternoon.Our unique courses provide valuable learning opportunities for beginners, experienced speakers and everyone in between.More information comming soon.

Let us know if you need financial aid.

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